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Venice embarked on toward Jerusalem, our first stop, Port of Bari. Bari is the capital of the Apulia region on the Adriatic coast between Brindisi and Foggia a very flat country flourished with the Romans for its strategic position for ...

... trade with the East.

He endured many conquests and reconquest of the Lombards, Byzantines and Saracens in the ninth century and had a great development as a religious center in the twelfth century with the construction of the Basilica of St. Nicholas and the Norman castle.

We landed determined to visit the old town, the first thing you find is the Basilica of St. Nicholas of formidable construction, while visiting the crypt of exquisite beauty.

We continue walking through the streets, we were surprised to be finding small altars in the house walls dedicated to some saint. We approach the Cathedral dedicated to Santa Sabina, not forget to visit the crypt with an elegant decor.

Also interesting to visit the Norman castle of great importance and fundamental support in the old routes to Jerusalem, has survived to this day very well preserved.

Second scale, Port of Rhodes. Rhodes said that the still walled city of the eponymous island, the largest of the Dodecanese archipelago's strategic position between Europe, Middle East and Africa, not far from the coast of Turkey, has participated in many different cultures that have left their mark on the island. From the Roman period (150 BC) the Byzantine (sixth to twelfth) that of the Knights (XIV century) and so on. The Knights Hospitallers established his headquarters on the island and remained there for the next two centuries.

In the Ottoman period (sixteenth century) Suleiman the Magnificent reached an agreement with the Knights to settle on the island. The Knights dropped out in 1523.

After passing through an Italian period after World War II was finally united to Greece by the treaty of peace with Italy.

The Port of Rhodes is legendary for the Statue of Colossus dedicated to God Cares Helios by Lindos and destroyed by an earthquake. A very interesting hike.

Israel third leg and the most expected: Nazareth located in the North district in the region of Galilee, Canaan on the part of the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem with its four districts the Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Armenian is now a World Heritage Site and Unesco. Bethlehem at the Palestine where Jesus was born.

It is in the Old City of Jerusalem where the most important religious places like the Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount of great importance to the Jews, the Holy Sepulchre and Via Dolorosa to the Christians, the al-Aqsa and the Rock for Muslims.

We arrived in Israel eager to visit historical sites and the birthplace of Christianity. We went to Nazareth, a relatively short while, we saw Mount Tabor, site of the transfiguration of Jesus in Nazareth visit the Church of the Annunciation that still keeps inside of the house of the Virgin Mary Church San Jose built on the remains of his carpenter's workshop and of Canaan where Jesus performed his first miracle.

Early in the morning we started the journey to Jerusalem, a couple of hours by bus, and finally reached the Holy City from Mount of Olives where the views are spectacular, the Mosques Walls etc ... then headed to the old town and continue our journey, Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, etc. Muslim neighborhood ... and especially the visit to the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre and that is where the emotions are overflowing, you will come to invade and heart to behold the holy places of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We could also admire the multiculturalism of Jerusalem where they live, not without some problems Jews, Muslims, Orthodox Christians. At the Port of Haifa depart we take a last look at Mount Carmel and bid farewell to Israel until the next visit.

Next stop Port of Piraeus and Athens. It's always nice to remember its beautiful scenery and fantastic ruins, I hope someday to see them restored, is slow, all the time.

We only stayed around Venice and thereby terminate this unforgettable cruise.


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