Camera DMC-FX30


Photo of Barcelona, Paseig de Colom, Spain - Gambrinus

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Barcelona  - España

You are viewing page number 1 of a total of 1 pages corresponding to CAMERA DMC-FX30 photogallery. This page contains the photo of our catalog number 25.541, has been taken and assigned to by Jose Pozo Gonzalez during a sightseeing trip conducted in Barcelona, SpainES. The camera used was a DMC-FX30 equipped with a mm, a focal length of 28 mm, shutter speed 1/160 seg., an iris aperture de F/8 y and a ISO sensitivity of 100. La photography has been viewed 2.488 times to date. Another option you have at your disposal, if the picture is or is not to your liking, you can make a picture mark as a favorite so you can create a personal gallery with your favorite photos favorite photos You can also rate this pictures ----- (0/0) with a rating of 1 to 5 according to your particular taste and get the most voted photos to date. If you are interested in knowing the approximate location where the photo was taken can see a geo-map based on the coordinates available in the photo. In the absence of these coordinates in the picture, we help you locate it in its proper place in our geolocation page.