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Segovia ES Spain

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Photo of Navafria, El Chorro de Navafria, Spain - El Chorro de Navafria
El Chorro de Navafria
Spain Spain
Photo of Navafria, El Chorro de Navafria, Spain - El Chorro de Navafria
El Chorro de Navafria
Spain Spain
Photo of Navafria, El Chorro de Navafria, Spain - El Chorro de Navafria
El Chorro de Navafria
Spain Spain
Photo of Navafria, El Chorro de Navafria, Spain - El Chorro de Navafria
El Chorro de Navafria
Spain Spain
Photo of Navafria, El Chorro de Navafria, Spain - El Chorro de Navafria
El Chorro de Navafria
Spain Spain
Photo of Navafria, El Chorro de Navafria, Spain - El Chorro de Navafria
El Chorro de Navafria
Spain Spain
Photo of Navafria, El Chorro de Navafria, Spain - El Chorro de Navafria
El Chorro de Navafria
Spain Spain
Photo of Navafria, El Chorro de Navafria, Spain - El Chorro de Navafria
El Chorro de Navafria
Spain Spain
Photo of Navafria, El Chorro de Navafria, Spain - El Chorro de Navafria
El Chorro de Navafria
Spain Spain
Photo of Navafria, El Chorro de Navafria, Spain - El Chorro de Navafria
El Chorro de Navafria
Spain Spain
Photo of La Albufera, La Albufera , Spain - Puesta de Sol Albufera Valencia
La Albufera
La Albufera
Spain Spain
Photo of La Albufera, La Albufera , Spain - Muelles Albufera Valencia
La Albufera
La Albufera
Spain Spain

Photos of Spain

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Leon City Spain pictures ... read more

With pictures of  Leon


Luzon Devils

The festival Devils Luzon is considered one of the best examples of cultural heritage of the province of Guadalajara. Considered as the best carnival Alcarria all, she was awarded the title of Provincial Tourist Interest Festival, ancestral tradition that was recovered a few years ago on the initiative of the Friends of Luzon. These same parade as beasts with large antlers, completely dressed ... ... read more

With pictures of  Luzon



In Asturias you can find more than two hundred beaches and there are all kinds: large and small sandy, stony, or hidden coves. Each and every one has a different charm, and according to their features and services enable the practice of various water sports, including surfing and fishing.

Three hundred forty-five kilometers of coast in Asturias where travelers can fully enjoy the charm of ... ...
read more

With pictures of  Aguila Real Aquilegia Vulgaris Azor Burro Caballos Campanilla Cierva Ciervos Corzo Fabada Asturiana Gineta Jabali Las Negras Macrolepiota Procera Nutria Orquidacea Oso Pardo Playa del Silencio Puerto de La Cubilla Rebeco Rio Huerna Riopaso Teyedo Tuiza de Abajo Tuiza de Arriba Valle de Cotarrubia Valle de Huerna Valle del Huerna


Mallorca Island

Mallorca is favorite destination of German and the resort island of Europe. However, thanks to the mass tourist areas are easy to locate, you can find amazing places, beaches and coves Cala Sant Vicenc that will not leave you indifferent. As for which one you juts northward discover villages with traditional architecture, hidden beaches and small bars to sample the local fish. The Sierra de Tramontana ... ... read more

With pictures of  Mallorca


The Navafria Stream

The Navafría Stream, also known as El Chorro is a waterfall located in the north of the northwestern slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama (Central mountain range pertaining to system). It is located in the municipality of Navafría, in the Spanish province of Segovia. In this cascade, the waters of the jet stream, a tributary of the river Cega, descend in a straight line with a slope fairly constant. The ... ... read more

With pictures of  Navafria


Lanzarote Island Exposed

Sometimes we are able to discover new things about places despite having already visited them; perhaps we have never seen them under the same circumstances or with the same level of enthusiasm. In this way, it is always possible to rediscover places and once again feel their spirit. Lanzarote has this power. This unique volcanic island, 1000 kilometres from the Iberian peninsula and only 140 km from the ... ... read more

With pictures of  Lanzarote



Lugo is the biggest of the four provinces in Galicia and the least densely populated. Its capital is the oldest in Galicia, founded between the years 25 and 12 B.C. by the Romans. It bears the same name as the province, Lugo, and is located on a low plateau, by which flows the ancient river Miño. Its 3rd century Roman wall stands out as it remains intact, surrounding the old town centre (the only ... ... read more

With pictures of  Foz Lugo Meira Mondoñedo Ribadeo Viladonga Vilaoudrid


Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park

The Cabo de Gata Nijar Natural Park, in the province of Almeria, was declared Spain's first land-marine national park in 1987. Due to its great ecological value, the park is also designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. San José, La Isleta del Moro, Rodalquilar, San Miguel, Las Negras and Aguamarga are the picturesque villages that lie within the park, whose tourists seek in particular to enjoy the ... ... read more

With pictures of  Cabo de Gata



Burgos has the soul of Old Castile, with over 1100 years behind it, an overpowering historical personality and a legacy of many great men that runs through the streets, filling the hard stones of the city's monuments with a spirit without equal that one can feel even today when walking through the old part of the city. Burgos Cathedral, one of the most beautiful monuments of gothic art, declared a ... ... read more

With pictures of  Burgos


The Alhambra

The tears of Boabdil el Chico for the loss of the city of Granada on 2nd January 1492 began to flow the minute he looked back to see the Alhambra, illuminated by the setting Sun, silhouetted against the Sierra Nevada. At that historic instant, eight centuries of Arab occupation of the Iberian Peninsula came to an end. There would remain forever the most precious jewel of the Moorish period, the Red ... ... read more

With pictures of  Granada


Madrid Retiro Park

The Retiro Park is known as the great green lung in the centre of Madrid, as its 23,000 trees and many other types of vegetation go some way towards covering up the pollution caused by the thousands of cars that drive around its perimeter everyday on the Calle de Alfonso XII, Plaza de la Independencia (Puerta se Alcala), Calle Alcala, Calle O'Donnel and Avenida de Menendez Pelayo. Its 118 hectares of ... ... read more

With pictures of  Madrid



It gives us pleasure to introduce J.B. Cesar, Portuguese Journalist, a new collaborator here at manbos.com. He is a traveller and photographer, a specialist in photography of the Iberian Peninsula, and over the years has travelled all over it with his camera over his shoulder capturing the landscapes and monuments of its regions and cities. His first gallery contains pictures of the city of Segovia, ... ... read more

With pictures of  Segovia


Lanzarote Island

Continuing a tradition of the last few years, we spent the festive period on the island of Lanzarote (Canary Islands), far away from the cold of Madrid and the suffocating bustle of this time of year, with everybody going mad over shopping, food and celebrations. Lanzarote is an enchantingly quiet island during this time, with a decent temperature, friendly people, and wide open spaces. It's great to be ... ... read more

With pictures of  Fuerteventura Lanzarote


Ordesa Gallery

The Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park is, possibly one of the most impressive formations in the natural museum that is the Pyrenees. Looking at these photos from David Santiago, you can instantly understand why so many people love nature and are so attracted by the mountains. Their beauty, their mystery, the solitude in certain places up there, close to the blue sky; the liberty you feel at being ... ... read more

With pictures of  Ordesa


Baixa Limia Natural Park

David Santiago dedicated two and a half days to take some extra-special photos of the beautiful landscapes of the Baixa Limia-Serra do Xures Natural Park in the province of Ourense in Galicia. During these encounters with Mother Nature, David enjoys getting up at dawn to breakfast upon some delicious conserves from the family orchard, beneath his beloved hotel Jumpy, whilst watching the awakening of the ... ... read more

With pictures of  Allariz Parque Natural Baixa Limia


Barcelona Zoological Park

The Barcelona Zoological Park opened its doors for the first time on the day of La Merce, patron saint of Barcelona, in the year 1892. The collection of animals exhibited there comes from the private collection that Luis Marti i Codolar kept on his estate at Horta, known as Granja Vella, and which he offered to the town government, then chaired by the mayor Manuel Porcar, who approved the aquisition of the ... ... read more

With pictures of  Barcelona Zoo


Quijote Gallery

2005 saw the 400th anniversary of the publication of the adventutres of the Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quitxote of La Mancha and his faithful squire Sancho Panza. For this reason, the regional government of Castilla La Mancha developed an ecotourism route dubbed the Route of Don Quixtoe, divided into 10 parts that travel through the towns in La Mancha where Miguel de Cervantes set his adventures. Our ... ... read more

With pictures of  Albacete Albadalejo Alcala de Henares Alcaraz Alcazar de San Juan Alcolea de las Peñas Alcuneza Aldea del Rey Almagro Almonacid de Toledo Almuradiel Atienza Calatrava La Nueva Campo de Criptana Carabias Carranque Carrascosa de Haro Castellar de Santiago Consuegra Corral de Calatrava Daimiel Esquivias Fuentelespino de Haro Granatula de Calatrava Herencia Imon La Fuensavinan La Roda La Solana La Torresavinan Las Mesas Los Chospes Manzanares Miguel Esteban Monreal del LLano Montiel Munera Orgaz Palazuelos Paredes de Siguenza Pedro Munoz Pelegrina Pinilla Poblete Provencio Puerto Lapice Puertollano Quero Rada de Haro Riba de Santiuste Rineda Rio dulce Robledo San Carlos del Valle Santa Cruz de Mudela Santamera Sienes Siguenza Socuellamos Tembleque Terrinches Tordelrabano Torre de Juan Abad Torremocha del Campo Valdelcubo Valdepeñas Villaescusa de Haro Villafranca de los Caballeros Villanueva de los Infantes Viso del Marques Viveros


Tenerife Island

Seeing the peak of Teide through the clouds before landing in Tenerife (Canary Islands) is a great spectacle. But if it is also illuminated by the Sun and covered by a brilliant mantle of snow, that's when you realise that you are about to set foot on the island in the Canary archipelago with the highest mountain in Spain. However you only discover the majesty of Teide when you walk on the hot ground of ... ... read more

With pictures of  Tenerife Island


Lanzarote Island

The island of Lanzarote is a special place to spend Christmas. Good temperatures, lots of places to visit, really impressive landscapes and delicious food. It is a very comfortable island. You can travel from one place to another in very little time and journeys are short because there is no traffic. This year we stayed in the south, specifically in Playa Blanca, a quiet area, yet still well prepared ... ... read more

With pictures of  Lanzarote


Search the fall

Autumn is the ideal time to discover the colours of nature. No other season is as capable of arousing the spirit of a traveller. Our journey around Burgos, Soria and Navarra took us through spectacular landscapes that can be admired from dawn until dusk. From here you can observe how a majestic, never-ending river of gold and emerald snakes from beneath our feet off to the horizon, past the slender tower ... ... read more

With pictures of  Burgos Covarrubias Desfiladero de la Yecla La Laguna Negra Monasterio de Estibaliz Parque Natural del Rio Lobos Santo Domingo de Silos Sierra de Urbasa Soria Ucero Vitoria


Gran Canaria Island

Gran Canaria is located right in the middle of the Canary archipelago, 62 km from Tenerife and 83 km from Fuerteventura. The island is almost round, formed by volcanoes and very mountainous; its highest point is Pico del Pozo de las Nieves, 1949 metres above sea level and in the exact centre of the island. They say the island is like a miniature continent due to the diversity of its climate and its ... ... read more

With pictures of  Gran Canaria Island


Lanzarote Island

This year we once again spent the Christmas holidays on the island of Lanzarote (Canary Islands). Unfortunately on this occasion the Canary Islands were afflicted by bad weather. Cold, wind and rain meant that we enjoyed this visit less than other years. Nevertheless, we made the most of the few occasions that we were able to take photos of this amazing island. In previous years the greenery covering ... ... read more

With pictures of  Lanzarote


The Vera District

Journey to Comarca de la Vera, visiting Garganta la Olla, Jarandilla de la Vera, the Yuste Monastery, the Chorrera del Diablo, Villanueva de la Vera. At any time of year La Vera, located in the north-east of the province of Cáceres between the Gredos mountains and the Tietar river, gives us beautiful images of great gorges, natural pools formed between rocks, forests of oaks and chestnuts, villages of ... ... read more

With pictures of  Garganta La Olla Guijo de Santa Barbara Jarandilla de la Vera Mirador La Serrailla Monasterio de Yuste Villanueva de la Vera



Toledo, World Heritage Site, is a city where Christian, Jewish and Islamic cultures are all mixed together, as can be seen from its churches, Jewish quarter, synagogues and its famous cathedral ( built in 1226), one of the largest gothic buildings in Spain. Toledo is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Madrid, as the two cities are only 71 km apart, and it is worth the effort to visit this ... ... read more

With pictures of  The Alcazar Toledo


El Cardener

The Cardener is the river that is the lifeblood of a group of villages in the north-east of the Bages region, above its capital, Manresa (Barcelona). It springs from the eastern slopes of the Port del Compte range, in the area of Solsonés, links the Pyrenean foothills with the central Catalonian plains and runs into the River Llobregat. The towns that surround it share a strong history, rooted deep in ... ... read more

With pictures of  Biosca Cal Prat Barrina Camps Cardona Castelltallat Circuit of Rallies of Galls Coaner El Mas Ermitage of Santa María del Grau La Creu Grossa Les Cases de Matamargo Prades Rajadell Sant Mateu de Bages


Covadonga Lakes Tourist Bicycle

For the Lagos de Covadonga Classic International Cycle Tour 2004, we were invited by the Asturian Picos de Europa Business Association (INCATUR) to attend a press event held on the 21st to 23rd May 2004. With a massive entry list of over 1,100 people - among them only 10 women - this bicycle trial runs from Cangas de Onis to the Lagos de Covadonga, passing through a large part of the Picos de Europa ... ... read more

With pictures of  Cangas de Onis Castroarenas Covadonga Lagos de Covadonga Playa de Nava Ribadesella


Lights for Real Wedding

Puerta del Sol, the Cibeles, Neptune and Apollo fountains, the Palacio de Comunicaciones, the Prado Museum and the National Library were the monuments chosen for a different and special view of Madrid. The 22nd May 2004 was the day chosen for the marriage of the Prince of Asturias Don Felipe de Borbon to his fiancé Doña Letizia Ortiz. For this royal wedding the city of Madrid was spruced up with an ... ... read more

With pictures of  Madrid


The largest marine park in Europa

For the first anniversary of the Oceanographic at the Cuidad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia, around 40 representatives of specialist media were invited to visit its excellent facilities. It is the largest marine park in Europe, currently containing 33,000 examples of more than 300 species. It is spectacularly large: 110,000 square metres with a volume of 42 million litres (the equivalent of 15 ... ... read more

With pictures of  Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias


Salamanca Travel

European Capital of Culture in 2002, Salamanca is well known for its University, founded by Alfonso IX in 1200. Its facade, covered in plateresque and renaissance symbols, was completed in 1533. Great masters of this period were Francisco de Victoria, San Juan de la Cruz, Luis de Gongora and Fray Luis de Leon. In 1900, the important Spanish thinker and writer Miguel de Unamuno took over the rectorship ... ... read more

With pictures of  Bejar Mountains Ciudad Rodrigo La Alberca Miranda del Castanar Peña de Francia Salamanca Sierra de Francia


Lanzarote Island

Once again, Lanzarote (Canary Islands) was our best option for the Christmas holidays. The good weather of this island in the Canaries, together with its amazing landscapes and special cuisine (potatoes, cheese and wine) makes it an ideal place to spend this time of year, especially when you want to get as far away from the Christmas hustle and bustle of a big city. Feeling emotional when seeing a ... ... read more

With pictures of  Fuerteventura Lanzarote


Barcelona Weekend

The plane takes off and the moon's reflection extends across the Mediterranean Sea. There is a reddish glow above the clouds and an eerie silence around me. It could just be because of the sensation of defying the law of gravity, or perhaps being concious of the fact that I am about to leave this amazing city behind. Barcelona has spirit. Anyone who has been there knows it, and so appreciate every ... ... read more

With pictures of  Barcelona


Navarra and Aragon Travel

Visit to Navarre and Aragon, Zaragoza, Olite, Pamplona, Uncastillo, and the Iranzu Monastery. Our visit to Navarre and Aragon at the end of August 2003 was interrupted by bad weather and we were forced to cancel part of the trip. There was heavy rainfall and roads were shut, so we decided to leave many of the interesting places in Aragon for another time. The area has a very rich heritage and the ... ... read more

With pictures of  Artajona Iglesia de Santa María de Eunate Iranzazu Monastery Navarra Olite Pamplona Puente la Reina Roncesvalles Santa María la Real de Irache Monastery Sos del Rey Católico Uncastillo Zaragoza


Tenerife Adventure

From 20th to 24th July Tenerife Aventura 2003 took place on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands). The event is to promote activity tourism, and is organised by Tenerife Natural, a brand created by the Sociedad de Promoción Exterior de Tenerife (SPET, Society for the External Promotion of Tenerife), a company that is 60% run by the local public administration and the rest by the private sector. This ... ... read more

With pictures of  Tenerife Island


Railroad El Condado

El Condado is located in the North of the province of Jaen in the foothills of the Sierra Morena. It is a rural area comprising of 8 municipalities and home to 26000 inhabitants over 1548 square kilometres. The area is notable for its agriculture - in particular olive growing - and because a large part of its territory is of great environmental significance. The El Condado Train is one of the first ... ... read more

With pictures of  Albergue El Vaquerizo Almazara Aceites Guadalimar Arteoliva Coro Romero Aires Naveros Dulceria Macias El Condado Gorges El Vadillo Property


Tourism and Oil

Priego de Cordoba is located in the province of Cordoba, is part of the Andalusian region of Subbetica and is on the Route of the Caliphate. With its many monuments and amazing churches, it really deserves the title of the Jewel of Baroque Cordoba. We were invited on this trip by the local government of Priego de Cordoba to see the first oil pressing of the year, and we spent three days visiting the ... ... read more

With pictures of  Almazara de Priego Almedinilla Priego de Cordoba Zagrilla


Extremadura Travel

Since 26th November 1986, Caceres has been a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has an impressive collection of monuments, Almohade walls and historically valuable buildings. On our journey to Extremadura we enjoyed visiting among other places Caceres (ancient medieval centre) and Merida (Roman theatre and amphitheatre, temple of Diana). Since 26th November 1986, Caceres has been a UNESCO World Heritage ... ... read more

With pictures of  Caceres Garrovillas Merida


Cares Gorge Route

The River Cares gorge is one of the typical hiking routes in the Picos de Europa. Near Cain (Leon) is La Presa, where the "Garganta del Cares" begins. The route of the Garganta runs next to the canal, built between 1916 and 1925 by the Viesgo Electric Company, to take water to the Poncebos power station. The route was changed in 1946 as the original was considered too difficult for anyone other than ... ... read more

With pictures of  Cares Gorges


Atlantic Islands National Park

On 13th June 2002 the Atlantic Islands (Cies, Ons, Salvora and Cortega) became the first Galician national park, (one thirteenth of Spain) with an area of 1,200 hectares of land and 7,200 of sea. It has been given the name of "Parque Nacional Marítimo Terrestre de las Islas Atlanticas de Galicia." The islands of Cies, Ons, Salvora and Cortega, situated in the Rias Baixes area, have been declared areas ... ... read more

With pictures of  Baiona Baiona - Rio Batel Yacht Cies Islands Faro Island Monteagudo Island Ons Island Pazo da Touza Rias Bajas - Rio Batel Yatch Salvora Island Santiago de Compostela Sanxenxo Toja Island - Gran Hotel Way to Baiona - Rio Batel Yatch


Andalucia Travel

We went on a ten day trip through Extremadura and part of Andalusia, visiting, among other places, Caceres (medieval town centre), Merida (Roman theatre and amphitheatre, temple of Diana), Huelva (Almonaster la Real, Aracena, Peña de Arias Montano, Cortejana, Donana Natural Park, El Rocio, La Rabida), Cadiz (Arcos de la Frontera), Cordoba (Mosque Cathedral, Cristo de los Faroles) and Seville (the biggest ... ... read more

With pictures of  Almonaster la Real Aracena Arcos de la Frontera Arias Montano Rock Cordoba Cortejana Donana El Rocio Huelva La Rabida Rio Tinto Mines Sevilla


Canon G2 Photos in Tenerife

... read more

With pictures of  Tenerife Island


Valencia Town

... read more

With pictures of  Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias El Brosquil La Albufera San Pedro del Pinatar


Cullera Town

Cullera is a coastal city in the province of Valencia which in summer is filled with tourists who come to enjoy its beaches. The city of Cullera is located 38 km to the south of the capital of Valencia. The urban centre extends in a semicircle around the hillside of Monte de Oro, bordered by the left bank of the river Xuquer and the Mediterranean Sea. Cullera is a mostly flat area, whose highest peak ... ... read more

With pictures of  Cullera Parador Nacional El Saler


Streets Cats

Street cats have a special likeability among the mischievous and those in the know. Cats are always very photogenic, because of their fur, their colour or that bright and innocent expression that they often wear, helped by their big, almond-shaped eyes and their fine, stright little beards. They are usually easy to photograph when they are at home, trusting and comfortable, but photographing street cats ... ... read more

With pictures of  El Brosquil


Lanzarote Island

Lanzarote always surprises me, I never tire of seeing such beautiful landscapes. The silence of its Montañas de Fuego still moves my spirit and overwhelms my imagination to think of this extremity of the planet covered the island in petrified lava. From the Mirador del Rio you can see another great spectacle of incomparable beauty and colour on clear days. You feel as if you are on top of the world, and at ... ... read more

With pictures of  Lanzarote Nazaret


La Palma Island

Isla Bonita (Beautiful Island), as the people of the Canary Islands call La Palma, is located on the other side of the Canary Islands from Lanzarote, on the western side. Its climate, like the rest of the Canaries, is mild all year round; however, the island is very mountainous and because of this it has two different microclimates on either side of the island. It is possible for it to be overcast in ... ... read more

With pictures of  La Palma Island


Archaeological Park of Segobriga

Segobriga is the best example of social progression and economic development on the southern plateau during the Roman period. Mentioned in ancient sources in connection with the wars of the 2nd and 1st century BC... The Segobriga Archaeological Park is the best example of social progression and economic development on the southern plateau during the Roman period. Mentioned in ancient sources in ... ... read more

With pictures of  Segobriga


El Brosquil

El Brosquil is a small village near Cullera, in the province of Valencia, Spain. Halfway between Cullera and Tabernes de Valldigna lies El Brosquil, a small district of Cullera surrounded by orange orchards and ricefields. La Ribera Baja is a region of the province of Valencia through which flows the river Jucar, and is located around 40km from the capital. Enormous ricefields and orange groves cover ... ... read more

With pictures of  El Brosquil


Stone Monastery

The Monasterio de Piedra Natural Park is a unique area in the province of Zaragoza. Hidden in the steep mountains of the Sistema Iberico, located in the municipality of Nuevalos, in the province of Zaragoza, the Monasterio de Piedra Natural Park offers one of the most gratifying experiences in the world, with a two-and-a-half hour journey round a unique garden surrounding water flowing over waterfalls ... ... read more

With pictures of  Stone Monastery Zaragoza



A visit to the Aran Valley and Lake San Mauricio in the central Pyrenees, in the province of Lerida. The Aran Valley and Lake San Mauricio are two of the best known places in the Pyrenees to get in touch with nature, and for hiking and other mountain sports. In winter the area becomes an excellent location for skiing due to its prestigious winter facilities. You can get to the Aran Valley through the ... ... read more

With pictures of  Aran Valley Boi-Taüll Ratera Lake San Mauricio Lake The Pyrenees


Towns of Segovia

Pedraza and Sotosalbo are two towns in the province of Segovia. Pedraza (Segovia, Spain), began to become a tourist destination in the seventies and cemented its position as one in the eighties. Today Pedraza offers a maximum quality experience to its visitors, at the same time as looking after its natural beauty. The visitor can find a great variety of restaurants in which to enjoy the area's exquisite ... ... read more

With pictures of  Pedraza Sotosalbo


The Cherry Trees Bloom

In the province of Caceres - Extremadura (Spain) - almost on the border with Portugal is the Jerte Valley where every year a million cherry trees blossom, turning the area into a white paradise. The local people celebrate this event with the Fiesta del Cerezo en Flor (Festival of the Flowering Cherry), in the last two weeks of March. Once a year and for a few days only the Jerte Valley sees its hills ... ... read more

With pictures of  Jerte Valley


Chinchon Town

Chinchon is one of the most picturesque and characterful towns in the Madrid area, and despite being so close to Madrid it still retains its uniqueness. With its brown, grey and ocre landscapes; littered with groups of houses on hills that shelter its unique Plaza Mayor; intricate alleyways that are full of the lifa and the history of the town. The town's origins lie in the Carpentanian period, with ... ... read more

With pictures of  Chinchon


Guggenheim Museum

Designed by the North American architect Frank O. Gehry, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is located on a 32,500m2 plot of land located by the River Nervion, 16m below the level of the city. On one side the colossal La Salva Bridge, one of the main routes into the city, crosses overhead. The architecture of the museum grabs the attention not least because the metal panels that cover a large part of the ... ... read more

With pictures of  Bilbao

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